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Bitcoin is now the most recognisable cryptocurrency in the world. Since its launch in 2009, demand from investors has been constantly growing.

Contract based on futures from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
Instant transactions with low spreads.
Maintain the position up to 365 days! Perfect for long-term investors.
Invest with regulated broker. Funds protected up to 20 000€.
Trade on mobile. Control your trades where ever when ever.
Maximum trade size - 10 contracts. Perfect for large investors.
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Why Futures CFDs are good for trading Bitcoin?

Security Cryptocurrency markets have been subject to hacker attacks on multiple occasions, and parts of the market had disappeared together with access to your cryptocurency wallet. Instead of allowing deposits in cryptocurrencies, TMS lets investors trade with contracts based on price differences, eliminating exposure to such attack risk. In addition, TMS is a regulated and supervised broker, and client deposits are guaranteed.
Price Volatility Bitcoin's price has been volatile. Trading a CFD contract on the TMS Trader platform you can go either long, short or both.
Safe leverage With TMS you can trade with a leverage of 1:2 to ensure greater security. Since the Bitcoin exchange rate is volatile, higher leverage may increase the risk of loss.
Simplicity Unlike the direct cryptocurrencies markets and CFD‘s with other brokers, we offer our customers the most popular investment platform in the world, MT4, with the option of algorithmic trading. You can use them to take advantage of automated scripts and algorithms to trade Bitcoin.
10 minutes Opening an account with TMS takes only 10 minutes and it's fully online.
Cost All costs in TMS are transparent and known in advance. We guarantee low spreads and a leverage of 1:2. All that to give you the best trading conditions.
BITCOIN Contract size Minimal trade size Price source Commission Spread / Order execution Trading hours
(Price in USD) 1 contract = 1 bitcoin 0.1 contract/bitcoin Instrument pricing is sourced from Bloomberg. Bloomberg price is based on quotation of Bitcoin Futures contract traded on Chicago Mercatile Exchange. 0.08% Market From monday to friday, equal to currency market trading hours
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