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You decide on the acceptable level of risk and the size of your potential profits. Determine your expectations before making your first investment.
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Kind of Trader
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  • What Kind of Trader Are You?

  • 1 out of 4

    Should all your investments be risk-free and safe, or do you believe that in order to gain you must take some risk?

    Do you focus more on the potential rate of return, or on keeping your savings safe, while making investment choices?

  • 2 out of 4

    Do you plan to invest long-term or short-term?

    What is your investment horizon? What instruments do you prefer: long-term stocks or short-term currencies?

  • 3 out of 4

    Do you expect high profits while risking relatively small amounts?

    Are you familiar with the concept of financial leverage and how it multiplies your potential profits or losses?

  • 4 out of 4

    How much do you plan to invest?

    The amount you wish to invest may influence your choice of optimal financial instruments and markets to trade.


    Thanks for answering our quiz!

    Great! You seem to be familiar with financial markets. We suggest opening a TMS Trader demo account and practice trading with €50,000 in virtual balance. TMS Trader demo is a fully functional online trading account with real-time market data and access to hundreds of instruments.


    Thanks for taking the quiz! You seem to prefer safe low-risk investments. Get our trading education package and discover the various available markets. With the education package you get the full access to a TMS Trader practice account where you can learn how to trade hundreds of financial instruments using our innovative online trading platform with real-time market data.

Discover The Markets:
Forex currencies

Traders profit on the currency market when the value of one currency changes favourably against another. The value of a currency reflects the political and economic situation of the given country.

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On your TMS Trader account you can trade CFDs on the stocks of international companies. Buy or short sell to profit from market moves in either direction. With the available leverage, you can trade with as little as 5% of the actual stock value deposited in your account.

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Stock indices

If picking single stocks is too time-consuming, you can invest in a CFD on a stock index. The index is a 'basket' of selected companies, usually the largest ones on a given stock exchange. For instance, the S&P500 consists of the 500 largest companies on the New York Stock Exchange.

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In your TMS Trader account you can invest in gold, silver and many other commodity instruments. Capitalise on either rising or falling prices of the underlying assets and diversify your portfolio further.

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Learn to trade online with our investment education package

We believe that thorough understanding of the markets traded should precede every investment endeavour. With our trading educational package you get everything you need to get your learning started. Open a TMS Trader practice account with a virtual balance of €50,000 and get full access to TMS NonStop, our unique analysis and research portal. You'll also receive two e-books to get you started with Forex and CFD trading.


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