Important changes
in TMS Brokers Europe Limited

ESMA product intervention enters on the 1st of August 2018
TMS Brokers Europe Limited terminates its trading operations on 31st of August 2018

Thank you for being a customer of TMS Brokers Europe Limited.
We really value your time with us and we hope you enjoy trading.

We would like to inform all customers, that due to new ESMA measures on CFDs and Forex products, that enter into force on the 1st August, 2018, TMS Brokers Europe Limited will stop its trading operations on August 31st, 2018. Due to obligatory changes brought about by the new ESMA measures (ESMA changes include changes to leverage limits, margin close-out rules, negative balance protection, restriction on incentives, and standardized risk warnings) starting from July 28th all trading instruments in TMS Brokers Europe Limited will be available in close-only mode and no new trades will be processed. In best client's interest, servicing of the existing positions will be offered till the end of August, after which such positions would need to be liquidated as the Company will be ceasing all of its operations after the end of August 2018.

May we remind you that Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers SA, can offer you the same trading opportunities and terms of business as agreed with TMS Brokers Europe Limited. If you are interested in opening an account with Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers SA, we will provide you with further information as necessary and to assist you in setting up an account with Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers SA. The Trading conditions will stay the same, apart from the changes brought about on the pan-european level for all brokers due to the above mentioned ESMA changes. Should you wish not to open an account for trading with Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers SA and to receive any pending balances on your account with TMS Brokers Europe Ltd., please provide us with these instruction together with your IBAN account number, via email on

Important dates

Timeline for close or transferring of your accounts held with us:

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    Starting July, Acceptances for transfer of data and funds start to be collected

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    28th of July 2018 - All trading instruments in TMS Brokers Europe Limited available in close-only mode. TMS Brokers Europe Limited will give clients possibility to keep the open positions on same conditions applicable before the ESMA regulations.

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    1st of August 2018 - ESMA product regulations enter.

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    11th of August 2018 – the account agreement will be terminated by TMS Brokers Europe Limited, with 7 days’ notice period, as specified in the applicable Terms of Business.

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    31st of August 2018 - Termination of trading operations in TMS Brokers Europe Limited

You can transfer, at any time, your account to Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers SA. Log in to your TMS Brokers Europe Limited Client Zone - accept the terms and conditions of data and funds transfer.

Our support team will contact you right away to guide you through the process.
After logging in, please go through the details provided.

Log in now to read the details.

We strive to deliver the best experience during the transfer process as possible, however, there are important facts and dates we would like you to be familiar with:

  • ESMA product regulations enter on August 1st 2018.

  • On July 28th all trading on MT4 server and all instruments will go to close-only mode on TMS Europe platform.

Starting today, you can transfer your data and funds, or open a new account with Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers SA and start trading on the new MT5 platform with a new instrument specification. The new setup is fully compatible with ESMA measures.


TMS Europe will terminate trading accounts on August 31st, 2018. All open positions will be closed and settled on August 31st, 2018, at the end of trading day. Funds from the trading account will be refunded to clients bank account.

All pending promotions and trading bonuses will be settled on July 28th, according to new ESMA regulations.

You can transfer your data, funds and create new accounts with Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers SA today. Contact our support team for details. Log in to the Client Zone to request the transfer.

Feel free to contact us and our support team. You can call us at +356 203 41 999 or e-mail us at